Month: February 2009

Marathon runners less likely to have metabolic syndrome

Even runners who didn’t run marathons but included longer runs as part of their usual exercise routines, were less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Swimwear giant Speedo hits back at ‘unfair advantage’ claims

The American and Australian federations have called for an immediate ban on the practice of wearing multiple suits, and Rance agrees that urgent action is required. “I think wearing multiple suits is patently ridiculous,” he said. “The only reason you would do that is if you felt that by trapping air between the suits it is going to increase your buoyancy.”

Netball’s radical rule changes

Netball’s governing body the IFNA has announced a series of experimental rule changes to be trialled in this year’s World Netball Series due to be held in Manchester in October. The changes, which include shooting for double points outside the goal circle, will put “the fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness” of the best players in the world to the test. The high profile series will see ithe world’s top six netballing nations – England, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Samoa and Malawi – play to the new format, with each match consisting of four six-minute quarters.