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Adam Gledhill webinar

Psychosocial considerations in sports injuries risk and prevention – Free Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of psychological characteristics that are commonly identified as risk factors in sports injuries and some of the associated potential mechanisms. Advertisements

Maintain muscle and fitness levels when you’re on a break

Maintain muscle and fitness levels when you’re on a break

There comes a time in every athlete’s career when they need to take a break. It might be the offseason, they might be injured or maybe they just need a rest to recover after a long stint of training. Whether you’re a professional athlete, regular gym goer or just play a lot of sport, rest is important, sometimes it may even be forced upon us through injury. Here are some tips on how to maintain muscle and fitness levels when you’re on a break.

Free webinar – Investigating and Preventing Sport-Related Ankle Sprain Injury

Ankle sprain is common in sports and therefore it is worth investigating and preventing. The webinar will first cover a series of biomechanics studies on ankle inversion sprain mechanism. This involved a forensic motion analysis on video footages of real injury incidents. The second part will present a wearable anti-sprain system to prevent the injury