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Six reasons why athletes should do yoga

Although we’re all familiar with yoga, many of us still think of it as just ‘stretching’, however, yoga is more than that. With elite athletes including NFL stars and Ultramarathon runners adding yoga to their training programmes, but just how beneficial to your training can it be?

Ryanne Cunningham has revealed in her new book, Yoga for Athletes that yoga can bring an added edge to the performance of everyone from amateurs striving to improve their lives to professionals competing against elite athletes. Cunningham has instructed former Green Bay Packers players B.J. Raji, Andy Mulumba, Tramon Williams, Mike Neal and Jarrett Bush, as well as current Green Bay Packer Randall Cobb and athletes from many other sports, from her Flow Yoga Studio in Wisconsin.

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Journal of the Month – International Sport Coaching Journal


Our journal of the month for February is International Sport Coaching  Journal (ISCJ)Wade Gilbert PHD, the author of Coaching Better Every Season, is the Editor-in-chief for the International Sport Coaching  Journal. The journal has been in existence since 2008, the first issue of 2017 came out just last week. Continue reading

Title: Strength Training for Fat Loss
DE:Laura Floch
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Should you be foam rolling?

We’ve all seen the recent influx of foam rollers in gyms around the world. After spending decades on the fitness fringes, foam rolling has now truly come into its own. It’s thought to improve athletic performance and flexibility, slash recovery time, reduce muscle pain and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM’s). Can this be true?  Continue reading

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Exercise not drugs for lower back pain

Back pain is a common complaint, affecting one in six people at any given time, pain in the lower back (lumbago) is particularly common.

The pain often disappears within a few weeks. However, for many, it persists, leading to people seeking advice from their GPs. Patients are advised by the NHS to stay as active as possible, try exercises and stretches, take anti-inflammatory painkillers and use hot or cold compression packs for short-term relief. Continue reading

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Netball, rugby union and table tennis to receive large grants from Sport England

This week Sport England announced it has awarded an extra £101m of National Lottery and government funding to the governing bodies of 25 sports, including netball.

This latest announcement follows the £88m invested back in December for 26 sports to deliver grassroots schemes.

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