Sports fans loyalty

Use Twitter to increase sports fan loyalty

Sports fan loyalty is imperative for sports clubs and athletes. Those who have formed strong connections to their favourite team may be termed loyal fans. One popular communication tool for such fans is Twitter, which has been found to be an important medium for sharing news and events, yet few studies have examined the moderating of Twitter use in a sports context.

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Avoiding yoga injuries

How to avoid yoga injuries

Most yoga injuries are minor, however occasionally significant injuries can also occur. Recently these types of injuries have been getting as much coverage as the health benefits millions of people experience from yoga. In the new book Yoga Therapyauthors Kristen Butera and Staffan Elgelid have put together some tips on how best to avoid yoga injuries.  Continue reading “How to avoid yoga injuries”

Swimming Drill Book

Bestselling swimming drill book returns for a second edition

Our best selling swimming drill book returns. With more than 175 drills and expert instruction, it’s been updated, expanded and improved. Both coaches and swimmers are presented with drills to improve technique and performance. Continue reading “Bestselling swimming drill book returns for a second edition”

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes

Your essential guide to managing athlete monitoring

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes provides the tools needed to create a successful athlete monitoring plan. Coaches are able to use these skills to adapt their current training programmes and help their athletes achieve peak performance.

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Sports in American History

Comprehensive overview of American sports history

Sports in American History, 2nd Edition journeys from early American sports history to the present, detailing the evolution of sporting practices in the US. Students are provided with insights into new and alternative perspectives. As well as, the examination of sport as a social and cultural phenomenon and consideration of future developments in American sport. Continue reading “Comprehensive overview of American sports history”