Month: December 2012

5th Kufstein Winter School for Sports Management 2013

For people with disabilities, be it mental or physical, winter sports mayprovide major enrichment to their daily lives, be it as a leisure activity or in competition.

Rags to riches story of basketball great

What kind of person loses sight in one eye due to a childhood accident and then through dedicated practice and honed skills becomes one of the top 50 NBA players of all time? What kind of person, with limited business experience, builds a start-up company into a thriving $350 million turnover corporation and is recognized as one of the world’s most successful black executives? And what kind of person, instead of enjoying a well-deserved luxurious retirement, chooses to become mayor of a large, ailing city that many long ago had written off as dead? Dave Bing, that’s who. In Dave Bing: A Life of Challenge, Detroit sports columnist Drew Sharp chronicles the life of a figure whose sheer will to succeed, refusal to make excuses for setbacks and whose efforts to contribute to society make compelling reading. Normal Price: £11.99 I €14.40 HK Rewards Members’ Price: £9.59 I €11.52 Find out more