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Free webinar – Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective


The second webinar of our four-part series with Ian Craig and The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) will be Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective.

Date: Wednesday 8th March 2017
Time: 3 pm GMT

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Free Webinar – What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?

We’re happy to announce the latest webinar in our series in partnership with The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES): What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?

This webinar provides an introduction to how physiological knowledge of an athlete’s body can be used to improve functional health. Which is an essential factor in reaching peak levels of performance. This webinar will benefit academics, students, physiologists, sports scientists, health professionals and nutritionists.

Title: What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?
Presenter: Ian Craig MSc (Ex Phys) BSc (Nut Ther) DipCNE INLPTA (@ian_tNI on twitter)
Date: Wednesday 1st March 2017
Time: 15.00 GMT

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Evidence based guide to battling the ongoing obesity epidemic

Biologic Regulation of Physical Activity provides you with an innovative perspective of underlying issues that may contribute to the obesity epidemic.

It offers evidence of a biologic regulator that may affect physical activity, as well as exploring the implications of this theory.

This extensive guide initiates further discussion, examination and research into the idea that physical activity may be controlled by a central biologic regulator.

Normal Price: £66.99 | €80.40
HK Rewards Price: £53.59 | €64.32

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Lifting lighter weights could still help build muscle strength


A new report published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has challenged workout routines. The research has suggested that lifting lighter weights many times can be as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repetitions.

This research is the latest in a series of studies which began in 2010. It contradicts previous thoughts that the best way to build muscle is by lifting heavy weights.

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Blackcurrants may have similar endurance benefits to beetroot

A new study from the University of Chichester suggests blackcurrants may have endurance benefits, similar to those of beetroot.

The research was published in the journal, Sports with Mark Willems from the University of Chichester leading the study. Continue reading

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Aerobic Fitness and Playing Experience Protect Against Spikes in Workload


A new infographic in the series from @YLMSportScience for Human Kinetics shows poorer aerobic fitness increases the risk of injury at a given training load.

The original journal article can be found in the current issue of International Journal of Physiology and Performance.

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Title: Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training, 2E
DE: Chris Drews
Location: Omaha, NE
Date: 05-20-2007
Credit: Human Kinetics/Neil Bernstein
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Longer rest intervals could help muscle growth

A research team from the University of Birmingham has found that extended rest intervals in between repetitions may help with muscle growth.

Results from the study were published in Experimental Physiology and go against the well established belief that favours shorter periods of rest. The research indicates that shorter rest intervals could actually impair the process that controls muscle growth.

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New study reveals best way to improve muscle strength

A study conducted at Loughborough University has revealed that short, explosive contractions are the most effective way of strengthening muscles.

The study was led by Dr Jonathan Folland, a reader in Human Performance and Neuromuscular Physiology at the university. It is the first study to have directly compared short, explosive contractions lasting less than a second with sustained contractions lasting around three seconds.

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