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How to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger: Building Strength and Muscle Density

This article was written by Mark Laws at Future Fit Training Many individuals aspire to increase their physical strength without necessarily adding significant muscle mass. Whether it’s for athletic performance, weight management, or personal preference, there are methods to achieve greater strength gains without substantial muscle growth. This blog will explore how to get stronger, the possibility of increasing strength without getting bigger, and whether it is possible to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. How to Get Stronger: Firstly, let’s dissect the fundamentals required to increase strength… Is It Possible to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger? Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to enhance strength without a significant increase in muscle size. Strength gains are primarily determined by neurological adaptations, improved muscle fiber recruitment, and enhanced muscle coordination, rather than solely by muscle growth.  Muscle Density and Getting Stronger Muscle density refers to the concentration of muscle fibres within a given muscle volume. By engaging in strength training exercises, you can enhance muscle density, leading to stronger muscles without substantial growth in size. Increased muscle …

Why Community Running is Important

We do early-morning workouts, lunch-hour runs between meetings, and runs through the streets in the evening to clear the stress of the day from our minds. It can feel like we are alone during those times. Even if you see other runners around, our paths cross for only a few seconds before we dive back in to our own worlds. Therefore, running can feel individual or even lonely sometimes.