Month: May 2009

Is the triathlon too gruelling to be safe?

More than 100,000 people took part in more than 700 triathlon events in the UK last year and it is one of the fastest-growing Olympic sports, but also one of the most gruelling. A series of deaths among competitors in the triathlon has raised concerns about whether the demands of the race are too great. A record number of competitors took part in events in the UK last year, organised under the auspices of the British Triathlon Association and that total is set to be exceeded this year. Now a study has revealed that the risk of dying in a triathlon, though low, is nearly double the risk of dying in a marathon. A study presented to the American College of Cardiology Conference showed there were 14 deaths among almost one million competitors, a rate of 1.5 per 100,000. A further four deaths occurred among non-officially recognised events. No study has been conducted in the UK, but two deaths have occurred in recent British triathlons, one during the bike race and one involving a competitor …