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Learn More and Earn More: How to Increase Your Worth as a Personal Trainer

This article is written by our guest author, Future Fit Training. Becoming a Personal Trainer is not only a rewarding career choice but also one with great potential for growth and financial success. To maximise your worth as a Personal Trainer, there are some very simple but effective steps you can take to ensure that you are continuously improving. During this blog, we will explore the steps you can take to increase your value as a Personal Trainer, from initial certification to continuous professional development (CPD) courses, finding your niche, and ultimately, increasing your earning potential.

Finance 101: Funding your Personal Training Business

This article is written by our guest author, Future Fit Training.  Did you know that 90% of all people who qualify as Personal Trainers leave the industry within 12-18 months? The main reason for this is money. Either not enough coming in or too much going out, it’s important to understand how to fund your Personal Training business before you start accepting clients.


Women in coaching podcast

Author of Winning Ways of Women Coaches, Cecile Reynaud has featured on the Scientific Triathlon podcast. In the episode Cecile talks all things women in coaching including: If you want to hear more from Cecile and learn more from successful female coaches around the world, check out her book Winning Ways of Women Coaches. Adapted from: Winning Ways of Women Coaches Cecile Reynaud Buy the book

How to make a positive change in 2023

As we step into a new year we are often enthused by plans of how this year will be our fittest and healthiest yet. It’s great to have such ambitions, but often to achieve them we will need to step outside of our comfort zone, and that can be tough. In this post we explore how you can step out of your comfort zone to make positive, lasting changes in your life, adapted from Total Body Beautiful.

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Secrets of a personal trainer: How to keep clients on track

As a personal trainer, one of the first steps you will take with a new client is conducting an initial assessment, determining an appropriate starting point for achieving established goals.  Such assessments are not one-off events, but should be ongoing – checking in along the way to make sure the client stays on track. In this post, we explore some of the most important responsibilities of trainers when it comes to ongoing assessment and keeping the client on track. Adapted from Secrets of Successful Program Design.