Free tennis lessons for 20,000 children across the UK

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is set to follow up last year’s launch of Tennis for Kids with an expanded programme of free lessons for children aged five to eight. Nearly 1,000 LTA coaches have undertaken training to deliver the course of six lessons.

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Can exercise improve children’s learning?

The natural order of classrooms has always been for children to sit. Whether it involves talking, discussion, working in groups or just listening to teachers, most of the time children do this from the comfort of a chair.

On average, most primary school children spend 70% of their classroom time sitting down. Outside the classroom the number of children walking to school has decreased and, at the same time, many more children are now spending longer staring at screens. A 2015 study found that children aged 5 to 16 now spend an average of six and half hours a day in front of a screen. This is compared with around three hours in 1995.

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Study reveals just how much joining a gym could help your health

A new study has suggested that joining a gym might be one of the best investments you can make to help boost health and fitness levels.

The study was conducted at Iowa State University and found that people with gym memberships exercised more and had better measures of heart health.

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Gentle exercise may have same benefits as rigorous workouts

A new study published in Physiological Reports claims that gentle exercise routines can work just as well as rigorous workouts.

The study found that demanding exercise regimes provided no extra health benefits than gentle exercise, nor did they burn more fat for people trying to lose weight.

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The ultimate yoga resource for athletes

Yoga for Athletes offers instruction for improved strength, flexibility and balance in sport. It features step-by-step instruction, expert advice and pose variations that focus on active muscles and movements for a variety of sports. This definitive guide is packed with colour photographs that demonstrate poses and breathing to elevate sport performance. Normal Price: £16.99 | €20.40 HK Rewards Price: £13.59 | €16.32 Find out more Subscribe to our newsletters Every month Human Kinetics produces three unique email Newsletters, packed with great articles, events and news, plus information on our latest resources and exclusive reader offers. They’re completely free and if you … Continue reading The ultimate yoga resource for athletes