Bowling to fitness

The sport’s definitive work, from the game’s master instructor. Bowling Execution, covers every aspect of the sport, from developing skills to refining techniques for improved consistency.

Bowling Execution will show you how to improve each phase of your shot, from stance to follow-through, increase the accuracy of your hook and how to incorporate the free arm swing for smoother mechanics.

It also shows how to generate more power behind your shot to create greater pin action and achieve your personal best.

Whether your style is power or finesse, Bowling Execution will raise your game and your scores. It’s the bowling resource you will turn to again and again.

“John Jowdy continues to stay on top of the bowling world with Bowling Execution. With John’s techniques, instruction, and observations on the sport of bowling, you’re certain to improve your game.”
Mike Aulby
PBA and USBC Hall of Famer

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