Yoga helps cancer sufferers

yogaA new study from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in the US has found yoga can halve symptoms of depression in women with breast cancer.

The study, published in the Journal of Psycho-Oncology investigated the effect of yoga on almost 50 women with breast cancer and women doing yoga classes were found to gain mental health benefits.

Half the women were given a ten-week programme of classes in Restorative Yoga, which uses cushions and blankets for physical support.

The remaining women were put on a waiting list. All completed questionnaires at the beginning-and end of the study to evaluate quality of life.

Women doing yoga classes gained mental health benefits, including a 50 per cent reduction in depression and a 12 per cent increase in feelings of peace.

‘Evidence is quite strong that mind-body therapies improve mood, quality of life and treatment-related symptoms in people with cancer,’ says researcher Suzanne Danhauer.

‘Yoga is one mind-body therapy that is widely available and involves relatively reasonable costs.’

Source: Daily Mail

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