Month: September 2009

More fun and games

By developing the technical skills they need in order to succeed in sports, children will also develop greater self-confidence and enjoy their sport participation all the more.

School sports benefit parents as well

Organised sports can have great benefits for kids. In addition to helping them become and stay physically active, it teaches them important lifeskills such as sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. But they’re not the only ones to gain it seems. Parents do as well, according to a new study that discovered that team sports also offer a number of benefits for mums and dads. Researchers from the department of health and kinesiology at Purdue University in Indiana conducted focus groups with 26 parents of children age 6 to 15 who were involved in youth sports to see the effects of their participation. Parents changed in numerous ways, it turns out. One of the most notable was that their child’s involvement in sports prompted them to become more active as well.