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Save money and learn more with a journal site license

Journal Site Licence

Human Kinetics now offers annual journal site license options. These licenses give an institution access to all current volumes and back issue journal content. This can lead to significant savings for educational institutions.

We are the world’s foremost information provider in physical activity and allied health and are proud to publish more than 25 peer-reviewed scholarly journals. The cutting-edge research, insightful editorials and timely case studies in our journals are used across university campuses and research institutions around the world.

Why use a journal site license?

A site license provides your institution with electronic access to more than 25 scholarly journals, including:

  • All current volumes and every issue, dating back to each journal’s inception.
  • Ahead of Print articles from every journal in our portfolio.
The pricing structure of the site-wide deal scales with institution size and research activity, providing an exceptional value for our university partners. In many cases, a site license offers access to more content for a smaller investment versus individual journal subscriptions.






For more information on prices or what is included with a site license, feel free to drop Monica Mehta an email if you are based in the UK or contact Jo Jones if you are based in Europe, Middle East or Africa.
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