Breathing muscles are key to athletic success

10 June 2011, 10:16

Breathing muscle training has helped elite athletes to gain a competitive edge for years, but now this well-kept training secret has been made available to all in Breathe Strong, Perform Better.

Anyone, from everyday exercisers to elite athletes can learn how to use breathing training to increase power and comfort, improve performance, accelerate recovery and reduce injury risk.

Whether you’re participating in a 40K cycling time trial, an interval training session, or a jog around the local park, training your breathing muscles will help you breathe easier and make any physical challenge feel less demanding.

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Running wise

15 February 2011, 10:52

In Timeless Running Wisdom, longtime runner and author Rich Benyo takes you on a journey spanning the trends of the sport and the approaches, concepts and methods that have bred success and satisfaction across generations of runners.

It shows you how to embrace simplicity, change routines, distances and terrains and how to keep your running in proportion to the rest of your life.

Insightful comments come from an array of world and national-class runners who have clocked up literally millions of miles of experience and wisdom which they pass on with genuine enthusiasm.

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New Year’s honours for Britain’s sporting heroes

31 December 2010, 07:00

Britain’s sporting talent is celebrated in the New Year’s Honours list which also provides recognition for some of Britain’s famous and not so well known sporting heroes.

Others honoured include coaches, administrators and the people who work tirelessly at grass roots level encouraging and nurturing young talent and without whom those famous sports stars could not have achieved greatness.

Some of them are ex-sportsmen and women who have used their experience to put something back into sport whilst others are largely anonymous outside of their own institutions or communities.

Here are just some of them:

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Runners on Running

14 December 2010, 10:03

Runners on Running is a compilation of over 30 inspirational stories, humorous accounts and pivotal moments from the sport of running, past and present.

It is a collection drawn from the top writers in the sport and the selections are grouped into seven themes that encompass the runner’s experience: spirit, body, mind, mentor, race, bonds and heart.

The pieces encompass the full range of the running experience, from motivation to frustration to exhilaration and capture brilliantly the essence of the sport.

For anyone who loves running, Runners on Running is a captivating and essential read.

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Nanotechnology helps improve fitness of top athletes

14 December 2010, 09:42

A new hand-held medical device will help UK athletes reach the top of their game when preparing for upcoming sporting competitions.

Elite athletes will be able to monitor various proteins which reveal details about the condition of the body, known as biomarkers, before, during and after training sessions.

These biomarkers can give a clear indication of their physical health and the effectiveness of a particular training programme.

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Caster Semenya makes succesful return

7 July 2010, 09:45

South African athlete Caster Semenya made a succesful return to competition following her clearance to race as a woman by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

She cruised to victory in her comeback race at the Lappeenranta Games, a low key event in Finland.

The 19-year-old world 800m champion has been out of the sport for 11 months after undergoing gender tests, the results of which will remain confidential.

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Sainsbury’s to sponsor UK School Games

24 March 2010, 15:23

Sainsbury’s has announced that it will become the title sponsor of the UK School Games – a multi-sport event showcasing the UK’s most talented young athletes.

The UK School Games were launched by sports charity the Youth Sport Trust in 2006 – aiming to provide elite young athletes with experience of a high profile competition, with an athletes’ village and opening and closing ceremonies, to replicate the Olympics and Paralympics or Commonwealth Games.

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Can music make you run faster?

5 October 2009, 11:04

man-running-with-head-phonesDr Costas Karageorghis, calls music sport’s “legal drug”, capable of increasing performance by 20 per cent while reducing an athlete’s perception of effort by 10 per cent.

As head of Brunel University’s music in sport research department and the author of more than 100 academic papers on the subject including several published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Karageorghis is well qualified to make these pronouncements.

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UK School Games go from strength to strength

8 September 2009, 13:22

UK School GamesWith simulated random drug-testing and records tumbling in a series of outstanding performances, the fourth UK School Games really did mirror their senior counterparts, the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Staged in Wales at three venues – Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, the event attracted more than 1,600 competitors, aged between 14 and 17 and from schools throughout the UK.

They took part in 10 sports at this year’s games, an event that continues to grow stronger year by year.

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Immediate Orthopaedic care can help heal shoulder injuries in young athletes

5 February 2009, 12:18

javelinWorldwide, approximately 45 million children and adolescents participate in organised athletics every year and that number is on the rise.

Two types of shoulder injuries suffered by young athletes – dislocation and overuse – appear to respond well to specialised orthopaedic care according to a paper published in the February 2009 issue of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery titled, “Adolescent Shoulder Injuries: Consensus and Controversies.”

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