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2 new football titles released

Elite Soccer Drills

The game’s top football players possess remarkable speed, agility and coordination as can be seen through their precision passing, incredible ball control and an almost uncanny ability to anticipate and react to the opposition’s moves.

Although the sport’s best players can make these skills look easy, mastery of each comes only as a result of dedication, commitment and countless hours of practice. In Elite Soccer Drills, renowned US coach Mike Matkovich shares the same drills he has used in developing some of soccer’s premier players. The 82 drills emphasize execution in high-level play while addressing the finer points of passing and receiving, attacking and defending and heading.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Importance of Self-Training
Chapter 2. Speed, Agility, and Coordination
Chapter 3. Juggling
Chapter 4. Dribbling
Chapter 5. Passing and Receiving
Chapter 6. Heading
Chapter 7. Attacking and Defending
Chapter 8. Crossing and Finishing
Chapter 9. Conditioning

With drills for both individual players and teams, as well as practice tips and coaching suggestions, Elite Soccer Drills is the perfect practice tool for developing the high-level skills and soccer sense that players need in order to excel.

Elite Soccer Drills
Michael J. Matkovich, Jason Davis
ISBN13: 978 0 7360 7386 8

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Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully

Build a girls’ soccer team that are winners both on the field and off.

In Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully, one of the USA’s top high school coaches, Debra LaPrath, shares her expertise in all aspects of coaching. From establishing a coaching philosophy to making decisions during a game, this is the approach that has made her programme a perennial powerhouse. Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully covers every aspect of the coach’s role:

  • Developing and perfecting skills
  • Evaluating players and defining their roles
  • Organising productive practices
  • Scouting and preparing for games
  • Adding variety to training
  • Developing leadership qualities
  • Motivating the team
  • Communicating both on and off the field

Featuring seasonal training plans, drills for developing fundamental to advanced skills and advice for handling ‘off-the-field’ challenges, Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully is the most comprehensive resource available for novice and experienced coaches alike.

Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully
Debra LaPrath
ISBN13: 978 0 7360 7212 0

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