Month: January 2009

Outdoor pursuits in extreme temperatures

Studies have shown that when people exercise in the cold they generally exercise at an intensity that will maintain sufficient metabolic heat to offset heat loss. Therefore under most conditions, cold temperatures should not preclude outdoor exercise. Some exceptions exist, so it is important to consider them before exercising outdoors.

The coach and the recession

When I stand outside the tennis court fence to collect my own children from their club coaching session, I hear the other parents greet their kids as they leave the court. There are two questions that most parents ask their children immediately, and guess what, neither have to do with technical or tactical improvements!

Sports Colleges Conference 2009

The conference – aimed at representatives from Sports Colleges, Academies with a specialism in sport, and Local Education Authorities – will bring together key post-holders working in and around Sports Colleges with a focus on headteachers, directors of specialism and subject leaders.

Cheerleading – Sport or hobby?

As a spectacle, cheer leading bears a valid comparison to gymnastics because of the tumbling and acrobatics. But it has a kitsch element that completes its identity – the high-energy fist pumping and bizarre facial expressions, the ‘go and shows’ where each stunt is accompanied by cutesy shrugs, head wiggles, ponytail flicking, grinning and unintelligible mouthing of words.