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A lifetime of motor development

Life Span Motor Development, is the only introductory textbook to use the model of constraints (or dynamical systems) approach in discussing reasons for changes in movement throughout the life span.

Life Span Motor DevelopmentThis fully updated edition encourages students to observe and examine how the interactions of the individual, environment and task affect changes in a person’s movements. The principles of motor development are presented in a clear and accessible manner so that even readers with minimal movement science background will comprehend the material. Life Span Motor Development, Fifth Edition, will give readers the foundation for continued study and real-world practice.

The text begins by introducing students to the basics: motor development, the model of constraints and the theoretical perspectives relevant in motor development research. After laying the groundwork, the text describes the physical growth and maturation process from infancy to old age, including development and ageing effects of specific body systems.

The fifth edition contains several content changes to make the text, even more, user-friendly. The inclusion of a chapter discussing the principles of Biomechanics presents students with the foundational knowledge to ground their understanding of the sequential changes in motor skills development.

Life Span Motor Development not only provides students with the observational skills necessary for assessing motor development but it also expertly ties the information to real life. This edition emphasises the application of motor development concepts to the real world by beginning each chapter with an example of a common experience. Readers then revisit that experience at the end of the chapter, allowing them to apply the material to the example.

To further solidify their understanding, students are provided with a security code allowing them to access an interactive online student resource containing 33 lab activities that can be printed, 21 learning exercises and more than 200 video clips. The clips contain footage focusing on infants, toddlers, young children, adolescents and adults performing fundamental motor skills – subjects often difficult to study because of permissions and policies, particularly for minors.

For professors, the text includes a full array of ancillaries, including an updated instructor guide, test package, presentation package and a newly added image bank.

Supplementary Instructional Materials
The following ancillary materials are FREE to course adopters:

  • Instructor guide
  • Test package
  • Presentation package plus image bank

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