Teach Self Defence

Most people have no clue how to defend themselves against a physical attack and just hope it never happens to them.

With Teaching Self-Defense in Secondary Physical Education, you can equip your students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to minimise their chances of being the victims of violence and handle a potential attacker with minimal confrontation.

Even if you have no personal knowledge of self-defence strategies, with this book you can teach your students personal safety, conflict-resolution techniques and self-defence tactics.

This is an easy-to-use resource that will help you increase your students’ awareness and avoidance abilities and learn the basic physical skills they need in order to defend themselves.

It includes a detailed description of each self-defence skill in a simple, structured format. See step-by-step how to perform each stance, step, technique and release. Teaching cues and class organisation are also included plus activities that focus on home and personal safety.
Teaching Self-Defense in Secondary Physical Education

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