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kids-basketball1Mini-baskeball is a school sport played by millions of primary PE pupils across the world and was introduced internationally in 1964 with the objective of introducing young people to the world of sport in a spirit of friendship and understanding.

Take Six Mini-Basketball provides a simplified game format that can be used in all primary schools and mini-basketball clubs. Unlike the 5 versus 5 on court basketball game, Take Six Mini-Basketball is a 3 a side game which allows children with different abilities to develop their skills and tactical awareness and is far more appropriate for most children.

Take Six gives children the time to make tactical decisions and develop their individual skills. With just five other children on court (rather than the pressure of nine), every child has the chance to really play in the game.

It has also been shown that children are very capable of learning the important roles of scoring, timekeeping and helping to referee the game. Take Six Mini-Basketball gives equal status to children learning to play as well as officiate mini-basketball.

The National Take Six Mini-Basketball Programme provides Primary School teachers and mini-basketball coaches with all the support and knowledge required.

Mini-Basketball England is actively promoting the game through a national programme. Already there are 40 national registered Take six providers offering the game to more than 1,000 primary schools.

Registered providers are, more often than not, partnership development managers, but there are also sports development officers, community basketball clubs and commercial children’s sports providers working with primary schools.

Their role is to help local primary schools introduce Take Six Mini-Basketball through specially selected activities, which can be used in curriculum PE or at an out-of-hours club.

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