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Power Plate’s new vibrating platform

powerplateWhen former supermodel Cindy Crawford, at the ripe old age of 43, credited her irritatingly toned body to working out using the Power Plate, it raised quite a bit of interest and some undisguised envy.

But what exactly is Power Plate and how does it work? Well, it consists of a vibrating platform upon which users perform all sorts of moves ranging from squats, crunches and push-ups, to dips, steps and lunges. The vibrations mean that muscles work harder than in traditional strength training and therefore training time can be cut.

Power Plate works by transferring vibrations to muscles, activating reflexive contractions. It’s similar to the knee-jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a hammer in a doctor’s office: without thinking about it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction, making your leg ‘kick out.’ On the machine, these strong muscle contractions are repeated at a rapid rate.

But don’t think it’s simply a matter of just standing there and getting fit – far from it. It is claimed that using the Power Plate in conjunction with standard exercise moves, provides a leg-wobbling, full body workout in just 15 minutes that can reduce cellulite, improve fitness and reduce the size of bum, thighs and calves.

It’s low impact so there’s no strain on joints, so it’s good for anyone regardless of their age or ability, but to get the maximum benefit instruction and supervision for the first few sessions is advised.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. Eliminating cellulite is not a walk in the park, but the end result is worth the effort! The work you exert eliminating cellulite will also make you look and feel younger so you get a lot more then just better looking hips!

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