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Sport Law for non-specialists

Introduction to Sport LawA comprehensive text on legal issues in sport, Introduction to Sport Law delivers the information that both sport management professionals and students require in order to navigate liability issues, protect the legal rights of their employees and athletes and manage legal risk in their professions.

The book presents legal issues in sport by using a topical approach that is easily understood even by readers with little or no legal background.

Using straightforward, jargon-free explanations, Introduction to Sport Law guides readers through the major legal areas specific to the sport setting, including the legal system, tort law, risk management, contract law, agency law, employment law, constitutional law, gender equity, intellectual property and antitrust law.

Introduction to Sport Law begins with an overview of the legal system and a presentation of legal foundations to provide readers with a grounding with which to consider subsequent chapters.

Through its focus on legal concepts with direct application to the sport manager’s role and a straightforward presentation devoid of legalese, Introduction to Sport Law provides readers with a resource that is approachable and relevant.

In each chapter, hypothetical scenarios serve as the basis for moot court group activities. Developed from the facts of several genuine key cases relating to the chapter topic, these moot court experiences provide students with a way of understanding issues that may arise in a real court setting and how such cases may determine future law.

When adopted as a course textbook, Introduction to Sport Law also includes online access to an Instructor Guide, Test Package, and Presentation Package. The online Instructor Guide provides the structure and offers suggestions for group activities of the moot court cases in each chapter. The Test and Presentation Packages fully incorporate and enhance the information presented in the text.

Introduction to Sport Law provides the most comprehensive and understandable presentation of legal issues in sport. This approach, specifically geared toward readers without a law background, allows students not only to learn the important concepts of sport law but also enthuse about a topic that can otherwise seem dry and technical.

The incorporation of many real-world examples will assist readers in developing a knowledge base with clear application to their future or current sport professions.

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