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The Sports Rules Book

Sports Rules Book 3rd EEver wanted to introduce a new sport to your pupils but were unsure of the rules and traditions? Well that is no longer a problem thanks to The Sports Rules Book.

From alpine skiing to wrestling and all sports in between, this book is an all-inclusive resource covering 54 sports.

With it you can quickly glean information on each sport’s origin and history, basic procedures, terminology, equipment, competitive playing areas, scoring systems, player positions and primary features, common rule violations and their consequences and where applicable, officials’ signals.


The Sports Rules Book is a must-have for any sports junkie, coach, or official. Packed with 54 informative and enlightening chapters, the book is an invaluable resource and it will have a permanent place on my desk as a handy reference guide.”

Kevin Newell
Editor, Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director magazine

“Excellent basic information. The reader will come away with a practical, working knowledge of the core principles that govern a wide variety of sports. Coaches, players, fans and novice officials will all benefit from this book.”

Barry Mano
Founder, President, and Publisher Referee Magazine

The Sports Rules Book is your guide to understanding all the sporting activities we either currently compete in and enjoy or would like to in the future.

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