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Developing individual rehabilitation programmes

One of the most challenging tasks for the sports medicine clinician is rehabilitating an injured athlete for a successful return to competition.

Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation provides the strategies and tools they need to prepare clients for the physical demands required by their sport.

This complete reference helps clinicians understand the important concepts of functional progressions and equips them to develop rehabilitation programmes specific to the needs of individual clients.

The authors break down the text into three regional areas:

  1. Upper extremities
  2. Lower extremities
  3. Trunk

They then explore the specific anatomical and biomechanical differences within each area. They also present the neuromuscular basis for the specific approaches to each of these areas and provide exercises in functional progressions. These simulate the activity the athlete will need to perform to be effective in his or her sport again.

Clinicians will find evidence-based, functional tests and learn how to interpret and use the test results to develop specific rehabilitation programmes.

In that respect, the book is particularly useful for helping to design individualised programmes by enabling clinicians to choose the relevant specific exercises for each client.

Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation also features an online component that allows users access to every image from the text as well as sample templates in both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Users can select and paste the images they need into the Word document, type in specific instructions and print it for their clients to take home as a reference.

Instructors can do the same with the presentation package template, using the images and customising text to accompany each image. The images and sample templates can be viewed here

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