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New Human Kinetics Website goes live

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After almost twelve months of design, development and testing the new Human Kinetics website has at last gone live.

Anyone who has ever been involved in the production of website will know only too well that agreeing on the content and layout is just the start. The amount of fine tuning necessary to weed out all the bugs and glitches is almost beyond belief, but all the hard work and sleepless nights endured by the Human Kinetics ‘IT Crowd’ has really paid dividends.

We now have a website that is more comprehensive, attractive and easier to navigate than ever before.

It contains details and links to our facebook page, video downloads, new blog, authors’ podcasts, book extracts and many other features that I’m sure you will find of great interest.

The only way to appreciate fully the range of new features is to visit the site which I hope you will do on a regular basis and you can start by clicking here

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