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Well worth a punt

In Football Kicking and Punting, Ray Guy, the greatest punter in American Football history, provides you with expert kicking and punting instruction.

Whether it’s on the gridiron or the rugby pitch the fundamentals of kicking the oval ball remain the same and kickers in either code will benefit from the help advice in this book.

So whether it’s pinning your opponent inside the 20 or drilling that last-second kick through the uprights, let Football Kicking and Punting elevate your play and ensure winning performance.

What the expert says

Matthew Tait“Although targeted primarily at American Football, many of the drills, techniques and exercises within Kicking and Punting are a fantastic training supplement for any aspiring rugby kicker. In the England setup we have used a lot of these drills to perfect and hone our skills to compete at the highest level.”

Matthew Tait
England & Sale Sharks RUFC

Price: £13.99 I €18.20
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  1. Douglas Bader says

    Can you tell me exactly how these drills from American football are able to relate to kicking a rugby ball?

    • Hi,
      The book deals with many aspects such as kicking technique, conditioning, preparation and psychology that apply equally to both codes. To give you some idea I suggest you look at this excerpt

      Other excerpts can be viewed here
      Hope this helps.

  2. Douglas Bader says

    Thank you, this is very helpful.

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