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Cooking up a storm

The scientist who concluded that organic food is no healthier than conventional produce has been bombarded with abusive messages from zealous environmentalists.

Organic VegetablesDr Alan Dangour, a nutritionist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, revealed that hundreds of people had contacted him since his work was published, with many accusing him of dishonesty and incompetence in emails peppered with swear words.

“A lot of them have been unpleasant reading,” said Dr Dangour, whose controversial study found no evidence that organic food was significantly healthier than food produced using chemicals.

“They were saying I’m a quack (and that) I should do something else and stop wasting my time, but also a lot of stuff saying I must have been funded by Monsanto or big industry.”

The academic said that, although he was not upset by the correspondence, he was surprised by the strength of feeling on the issue. His research, funded by the Food Standards Agency, could hit the £2bn-a-year organic industry, which is already losing sales in the recession.

Research shows that nine out of 10 British shoppers buys organic, but the debate has long raged about whether it is healthier for shoppers as well as better for the environment.

Dr Dangour’s study, published last week in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has polarised opinion between those for whom it has confirmed long-held suspicions and those who believe it was one-sided.

Source: The Independent
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  1. David Talha says

    Come on.

    Plants are made up of what water? Chemicals go into the water and into the plant.

    You eat the plants and the chemicals.

    Ever wonder why so many people get cancer?

    Another wasteful study. That has done nothing to improve the health or vitality of people or educate society in sustainable farming methods

    There is no climate change, the world is not being polluted and populations are not getting sick.

    Keep pumping my food with steroids, chemicals, and any other pharmaceuticals you can get your hands on, Fluoride in my water. Keep the chemicals pumping! Yeah I want more drugs.

    He wonders why people swear at him.

  2. MSSimon says

    I agree with you David, we already know that chemicals are being used on plants, and being absorbed into food we eat. Our beef, chicken, fish are also being poluted.

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