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Lifeguard Training Activities and Games

Fun lifeguard games

Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards.

This compilation of fun lifeguard games, skill drills, activities and guidance, enhances the training and conditioning of lifeguards in order to create an efficient, high-performing group of staff.

Throughout the book, the focus is on keeping activities fun and engaging. Promoting participation and ensuring lifeguards acquire the skills they need in order to take action in an emergency.

The book contains more than 70 proven training activities divided into chapters by type of lifeguard skill. Each activity is short enough to be part of an in-service or class warm-up session.

Most have variations, allowing for continued challenges of participants’ performances through increasing levels of difficulty.

Lifeguard Training Activities and Games

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