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So milk doesn’t come from bottles

farmvisitFarm visits are dispelling children’s deep ignorance about where the food they eat comes from and helping teachers deliver a wide spectrum of the national curriculum, a new study has shown.

The trips, set up as part of the Government’s Educational Access scheme, challenge many children’s belief that milk comes from bottles and that bread comes from a packet – something even those from rural areas struggle with!

In addition to getting children out into the countryside and getting some welcome exercise into the bargain, there is also evidence that their experiences can influence the dietary habits of the whole family.

Research by Kingston University in London shows farm visits are important to challenge ignorance and misconceptions about farming. Report author Dr Frances Harris, from the Faculty of Science, is now calling for a new push to get more schools to take up these hugely beneficial visits.

Dr Harris said there was evidence their children’s trips influenced some parents’ consumer behaviour, with 16 per cent of parents saying that they would now be more prepared to change how they chose their food, to buy more local, seasonal or organic products.

Source: Medical News Today

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