Salt, crackle and pop

Bowl of CerealSeveral of the UK’s biggest cereal manufacturers have called an urgent meeting with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) this week in an attempt to halt an impending advertising campaign highlighting the levels of salt in cereal.

The £3m ad campaign, due to break next month across TV, radio, outdoor and digital, aims to increase public awareness of the dangers of consuming too much salt and will highlight the hidden salt levels in cereal, bread, ketchup and soups.

Chris Wermann, regional corporate affairs director for Kellogg’s European operations, said of the campaign: ‘We don’t believe it’s appropriate, considering the volume of salt we actually deliver to the UK diet.’

According to the The Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM), since 1998 cereal brands have lowered salt levels in their products by an average of 44%, and now contribute less than 5% of salt to the diet of the UK population.

The FSA said the campaign would take a positive approach and would not ‘demonise’ any food groups.

Source: Marketing

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