The tools for inclusion

The second edition of Strategies for Inclusion: A Handbook for Physical Educators is a proven text and reference that offers teachers the tools they need in order to include children with disabilities into their programmes.

This completely updated edition builds upon the rock-solid content of the first edition, supplying teachers with new additions such as a CD-ROM from which ready-to-use forms, trainings for peers and paraeducators, rubrics, checklists, assessments and lesson plans can be printed

It also contains a new chapter on support for positive behaviour, with proven methods for managing and improving students’ behaviour and strategies for avoiding behavioural problems.

A further new chapter is included on support personnel, with guidance for training and duties as well as strategies to get everyone involved and working together.

The result is a complete resource that is filled with applications and easy-to-implement planning and assessment strategies. Teachers who use Strategies for Inclusion can empower students with the belief that their hopes and goals can be achieved through a combination of understanding, cooperation and creativity.

Price: £26.50 I €29.20

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