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The Sociology of Sport

Sociology of Sport and Social Theory presents current research perspectives from major sport scholars and leading sociologists regarding issues relevant to the sociology of sport.

Each chapter explains historical and contemporary social theories and applies them to current topics in sport, such as performance-enhancing drugs, gender, race and identity issues and the role of religion in sport.

Sociology of Sport and Social Theory introduces readers to the historical and theoretical underpinnings of social theory, how sport studies have incorporated or diverged from these theories and how the application of various sociological insights into sport subjects may form the basis for future research.

Sociology of Sport and Social Theory addresses a range of academic and general topics and provides readers with the opportunity to consider these issues in light of traditional and contemporary sociological theories.

With its broad range of perspectives and analyses, Sociology of Sport and Social Theory illustrates to students, sport scholars and social scientists how sociological theory can provide a suitable framework for understanding patterns that exist in the world of sport.

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