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Understanding Electromyography

The interest in electromyography (EMG)and its applications have grown significantly in recent years. Researchers have found numerous clinical and research uses for EMG, including biofeedback, gait analysis and clinical diagnosis for neuromuscular disorders.

Yet, until now, few sources have been available to help newcomers understand the characteristics of the instrumentation, signal analysis techniques and appropriate EMG applications.

Because it aids in the comprehension of issues ranging from handling noise contamination to the area, slope and variability of the EMG signal, Essentials of Electromyography provides the perfect starting point for those who plan to use EMG.

The book contains six detailed chapters discussing the anatomy and physiology of muscle, bioelectricity, EMG tools, signal processing, force-fatigue relations and gait.

This book provides a reference for exercise scientists in motor control and biomechanics, biomedical engineers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, motor development specialists and researchers. It is also a text for students in courses using EMG technology.

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