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Practice makes perfect

Successful seasons don’t begin on opening day. They begin long before, in the cages, gym, locker room and practice field.

It is there that the consistency, execution and teamwork, the foundations of powerhouse programmes and championship titles, are forged.

While most coaches understand the importance of practice, far fewer have perfected it year after year, team after team.

In Practice Perfect Baseball, the game’s premier collegiate coaches share their approaches, experiences and philosophies on every facet of practice.

This authoritative guide goes beyond the usual offerings of stretches and drills to take you straight to the heart of winning – effort and attitude.

From structuring sessions to evaluating practice performance, the vast amount of information in this book allows you to pick and choose the elements you wish to implement in your own programme.

In Practice Perfect Baseball, you‘ll identify and establish a practice ethic, learn to assess team strengths and develop players’ skills in the field, on the mound, or at the plate.

You’ll also learn to make the most of indoor practices, incorporate technology to perfect skills and evaluate performance and how to prepare your team for upcoming opponents.

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