Understanding and applying therapeutic exercise techniques

The third edition of Therapeutic Exercise for Musculoskeletal Injuries is the most comprehensive text available for understanding and applying therapeutic exercise techniques.

Thoroughly updated, this major resource contains an extensive explanation of the science and application involved in developing safe therapeutic programmes for the general population as well as specific programmes for individuals.

The text presents the most current evidence-based information regarding therapeutic exercise techniques available.

This information is combined with the author’s near 40 years of experience working in athletic training facilities, orthopedic physical therapy clinics, hospitals and sports medicine clinics, to offer readers a valuable mix of research-based theory and experience-based clinical applications.

It assists the reader’s understanding of the why, what and when of therapeutic exercise techniques.

Whereas other texts merely describe how to perform therapeutic exercise techniques, this text book explains what occurs physiologically, why applications are important and when treatments are effective.

This approach encourages professionals to critically examine each patient’s situation and to develop programmes to safely rehabilitate injured individuals.

Price: £102.95 I €113.20

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