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Introducing motor behaviour

One of the many strengths of Fundamentals of Motor Behavior is its focus on the real-world application of the information presented.

The text takes concepts taught in advanced motor behaviour courses and shows how they are relevant to everyday living.

With this approach, even students who know nothing about the subject will feel comfortable learning new terms and material.

The book first defines motor behaviour and explains how students can apply it to pursue various academic and professional career paths.

It then discusses the concepts and principles of motor behaviour that students will need in order to pursue a career in the field.

These building blocks include the process of observation, how people control their movements, ways people learn motor skills, the capabilities and limitations each person brings to a learning situation, and ways in which practice settings can be structured.

The book closes with an inspiring vision of the future of motor behaviour that will enable students to see how they may pursue a career in the subject and contribute to its advancement.

This entertaining book is part of Human Kinetics’ Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science series. The series helps students and professionals understand the basic topics, goals and applications of the subdisciplines in kinesiology.

This and other books in the series are not intended to provide in-depth knowledge of the field, but rather to provide a solid grounding that readers can use as a jumping-off point for further study.

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