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Strength training for older adults

This resource contains the information and tools needed to educate, motivate and assist older adults to commit to and benefit from individualised strength training programmes.

The authors are both leading authorities in fitness and strength training and offer information and guidance based on their 50-plus years of combined experience as strength training athletes, coaches, instructors and researchers.

Their summaries of current research will update your knowledge of the specific health benefits of strength training for senior populations, including those with chronic conditions.

Guidelines for senior strength training provide a basis for programme design and recommendations for programme modifications will assist in constructing strength training programmes that meet individual needs, abilities and limitations.

Substantial research has shown that strength training can reverse many of the degenerative processes associated with ageing and reduce the risk and severity of several health problems common among older adults.

The information and tools in Fitness Professional’s Guide to Strength Training Older Adults will help older adults understand the benefits of strength training, overcome their inhibitions and commit to a training programme that will enable them to enjoy a more vibrant and active lifestyle.

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