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Londoners prepare to get on their bikes

London’s much vaunted cycle hire scheme under which users can hire one of the specially designed bikes for as little as £1 for an hour’s use, has hit the streets.

Users are now able to pick up and drop off a bicycle from one of the 400 special docking stations sited around central London.

Members who sign up to the scheme pay a one-off fee and receive a chip-enabled membership key which provides easier and faster access to the bicycles.

Casual Users will be able to hire a bicycle by using the payment terminal at the docking stations.

Many countries have already introduced similar schemes. The best known of these is Vélib in Paris, which has over 20,000 cycles for hire.

It is hoped that the scheme will prove popular with people looking for a healthy and convenient alternative to other forms of transport, particularly for short trips around the city.

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