Respecting cultural differences

Cultural Competence in Sports Medicine is a must-have resource for any health care professional who works with athletes and patients of diverse cultural backgrounds.

This unique text stresses the importance for sports medicine professionals, physiotherapists and other health care professionals, of recognizing the many and varied cultural attitudes, beliefs and expectations of their patients.

By doing so they can modify their professional behaviour accordingly in order to demonstrate their sensitivity to their patients’ needs, resulting in a comfortable and positive health care experience for both practitioners and patients.

Because readers will need to understand their own prejudices and biases before they can begin to change them, the book offers information on analyzing and assessing one’s own cultural attitudes and behaviours.

Once readers have that awareness, they can go on to gain cultural knowledge about various racial and ethnic groups, including the origin of culture, common sensitivities and conditions, possible beliefs about illness and preventive healing practices and providing symptom management and treatments.

Cultural Competence in Sports Medicine is a valuable textbook for sports medicine, fitness, rehabilitation and health care students as well as a reference for professionals already working in those areas.

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