Total Body Toning DVD

If you’re ready for a workout that produces results that you can see and feel, then look no further than Total-Body Toning with Lashaun Dale, your personal programme for slimming, shaping and sculpting your body.

Eight 10-minute segments provide intervals of cardio and strength training to provide more focused workouts and better results.

These consist of two total-body core workouts for defined abs and a tapered waist, two upper-body workouts for toned arms and shoulders, two lower-body workouts for a firm bottom and shapely legs and a warm-up section, fundamentals and flow workout.

Renowned personal trainer Lashaun Dale guides you through the most effective cardio and strength exercises for more focused workouts and better results.

Best of all, the DVD’s special programming option allows you to personalize every workout to meet your goals, your schedule and your body.

With it you can target body regions, improve cardio-respiratory fitness, or challenge yourself to a grueling total-body workout by simply sequencing the workouts to create the programme that’s right for you!

Price: £14.99 I €16.50
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