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Dance teaching for non-specialists

Research indicates that increased participation in the arts leads to improved academic achievement and in response more schools are adding dance to their curriculum.

Dance Units for Middle schoolAs most teachers of eleven to fourteen-year-olds are not trained in dance, this book has been written for teachers with or without dance training and takes a student-directed approach in which you provide the students with clear directions and they create their own projects.

Dance Units for Middle School comprises a DVD containing 77 reproducible items, a music CD that saves you time in locating appropriate music to accompany lessons and student work, and a book containing three complete dance units – improvisation, dance for athletes and jazz dance.

Suitable for students aged 11 to 14, each of the units includes eight or nine age-appropriate lessons, rubrics, objectives, information on physical and cognitive development and warm-ups.

They also include group performance projects that the students themselves create and scripted lesson plans that will allow you to teach the subject in a professional manner and increase your confidence levels.

With the detailed instruction, the teacher scripts, the handouts, the music, and the lessons, Dance Units for Middle School is a great resource for you in teaching dance, no matter what your previous dance experience.

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