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Teaching responsible behaviour

The PE class is a great setting for teaching children social skills and Teaching Children Responsible Behavior: A Complete Toolkit is an easy-to-use resource to impart those skills to Primary School-aged children.

This book and CD-ROM package defines three levels for teaching responsible behaviour – respect, challenge and teamwork, and provides unit plans and tools to bring those lessons to life.

The concepts are taught and reinforced through several resources such as children’s stories that introduce and reinforce the three key concepts, ready-to-use activities and sample block plans that show how you might use the resources.

The accompanying CD contains the illustrated children’s stories in PDF and PowerPoint formats, articles that explore physical activity and behavioural issues with follow-up questions and letters to parents about the focus and concepts of each unit.

It also contains resources for guest teachers, worksheets and activities that can be used as homework or informal assessments and posters that reinforce each unit’s theme and concept and generate discussion about respect, challenge and teamwork.

It is an excellent reference for primary school and student teachers and youth group leaders.

Price: £30.99 I €37.20
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