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See exercise and activity from a new perspective

Tired of the same old fitness advice? You know the standard advice – eat less, exercise more and life will be grand. Sounds easy enough, so why don’t the results follow? And most of all, what can you do to achieve your fitness goals?

Fitness Illustrated allows you to see exercise and activity from a whole new perspective. In this unique guide you are taken inside each type of activity to show you what works, what doesn’t and why!

You’ll go beyond the basics to see how your body changes with increased activity. From how muscles gain size and strength to the effect of aerobic activity on heart and lung function, this is fitness as you have never seen it before.

Straightforward explanations, expert advice, and hundreds of full-colour illustrations and photographs make Fitness Illustrated your guide to matters such as improving aerobic fitness, strength, muscular endurance and flexibility, shaping and toning your body, coping with various health issues such as arthritis and preventing heart disease, managing weight with nutrition and activity and preventing and treating injuries, muscle cramps and joint pain.

You’ll also learn to separate fitness fact from fiction, design fitness programs around the activities that you enjoy, and reduce stress and add life to your years.

Whether you want to complete a 5K run, manage your weight, or improve muscle tone and definition, Fitness Illustrated is your personalized blueprint for reaching your fitness goals!

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