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High-tech hide and seek

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game that’s a cross between orienteering and hide and seek.

Geocaching for Schools and Communities provides everything you need to know about how to get started and enjoy a fascinating pastime that gets children out in the fresh air, hunting enthusiastically for hidden treasure.

Whether you employ a high-tech approach involving GPS devices, mobile phones with GPS apps or just a good old map and a compass to find the cache, it’s great fun and terrific exercise.

It explains the numerous types of caches available, and provides step by step instruction in how to find and log a cache, the etiquette involved and the types of items commonly placed in a cache.

All the learning experiences are built around interdisciplinary connections with academic subjects, with four complete experiences for each discipline: language arts, science, math and social studies.

In addition to the learning experience, the book also includes a chapter devoted to achieving fitness through geocaching, so what are you waiting for, there’s a cache somewhere out there for your group right now!

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