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Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography

Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography helps new instructors learn the basics of class organization and keeps veteran instructors up to date with modern thinking.

This reference contains 72 lesson plans for shallow and deep water. Each one includes a warm-up and cool-down routine, variations, choreography and modifications.

A total of 576 exercises are described and accompanied by 253 photos that depict the key features and the corresponding choreography.

The lesson plans are organized into two sections; shallow and deep water. For each shallow water lesson plan there is a corresponding one for deep water.

All that instructors have to remember are the specific exercise modifications to take the routine from one end of the pool to the other. This allows instructors to learn, remember and feel comfortable offering a variety of class formats.

This book describes how to establish and meet class objectives through the three phases of any successful water fitness class: the warm-up, the conditioning phase (for cardiorespiratory fitness or muscular strength and endurance) and the cool-down.

Good water fitness instructors are in high demand and Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography will help both new and established instructors create well-organized classes that result in participants exercising well, having fun and coming back for more!

Price: £19.99 I €24.00
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