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Sport education guide for student teachers

This new edition of Complete Guide to Sport Education contains everything students teachers need to know in order to get and keep, children active.

Regardless of their skill or confidence level, students will learn how to get children to work together, support each other and gain competence in sport and fitness skills that they use throughout their active lifetime.

The book covers various dance forms and recreational activities such as swimming, weightlifting and other fitness programmes such as aerobic routines and hiking.

With its emphasis on activity and fitness, its expanded resources, its relevance and freshness and its practical approach, Complete Guide to Sport Education, Second Edition, is just what future teachers will need to point pupils in the direction of healthy, active lifestyles.

Complete Guide to Sport Education, Second Edition has a range of free ancillaries and online resources for course lecturers, including an Instructor Guide and Presentation and Test Packages.

It is an introductory text for use in sport education and related games-teaching courses or as supplemental text for physical education methods or curriculum courses. It is also a useful reference physical education teachers at primary through to secondary level.

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