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Kids saying ta ta to exercise

A survey of 1,500 children aged six to fifteen undertaken on behalf of Tata Steel, the sponsor of Kids of Steel mini triathlons, has produced some alarming results.

It says that a staggering one in six children can’t swim, one in ten had not learnt to ride a bicycle and almost a quarter had never run 400 metres.

The survey is said to reveal a generation of children turning their backs on physical activity in favour of computer games and television.

The results showed twice as many children spent their free time watching TV than playing sport, while around half surfed the internet, chatted on social networks or played video games.

Tata Steel is the sponsor of Kids of Steel mini triathlons, a series of short-course swim/bike/run events being staged in areas including steel regions such as Scunthorpe, Corby, Teesside, Rotherham, Swansea and Shotton in North Wales.

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