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In at the deep end

For many aspiring triathletes, the only barrier to competing is a fear of taking the plunge – literally

The cycling and running elements hold few fears for most, but swimming is perceived as being difficult, particularly the thought of thrashing about with dozens of others in open water.

To encourage those athletes who would like to take part in their first triathlon but are put off by the swimming element, Triathlon England and Speedo are laying on 10 open water sessions around the country to help them overcome any fears and misgivings they may have.

Experienced coaches will teach beginners how to get in and out of a wetsuit, how to alter their swimming stroke to cope with open water conditions, and how to adopt the correct breathing and swimming techniques without panicking or getting over-tired.

Only novices are eligible for these courses so everyone attending will be of a similar standard and share the same fears and apprehensions.

Most sessions will last for about two hours, with around 45 minutes of that being spent in the water and for the princely sum of just £20 that includes the use of a wetsuit and a goody bag, you could be set for a whole new sporting experience as a triathlete.

Source: Triathlete Europe
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