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Beach Volleyball top spectator sport for civil servants

Beach volleyball will be the most popular sport for Government officials at the London 2012 Olympics according to the latest ticket sales.

Figures show that ministers have bought almost twice the number of tickets for Beach Volleyball, than they have for the athletics.

Officials have insisted that there is an entirely innocent explanation, claiming the decision was all about the timing of the events rather than an interest in the outfits worn by the players.

Beach volleyball, which will be played at Horse Guards Parade, in the heart of Whitehall, became one of the fastest events to sell out at the Games.

When asked if he could explain the why there seems to be a such strong interest in beach volleyball among ministers and civil servants Jonathan Stephens, permanent secretary at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport explained “When purchasing tickets for staff to purchase we thought they were most likely going to be able to go at the weekend or on Fridays.”

We assume that they’ll all be taking their partners with them, so that’s alright then.

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