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Interpreting ECG traces

An essential reference for students and practitioners working with exercise electrocardiograms (ECGs), Practical ECG for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine guides readers from theory to applied interpretation of normal and abnormal ECG traces.

The text is based on the author’s clinical experience, published research and over a decade of dedicated study on the interpretation of ECGs from clinical patients to elite athletes, both at rest and during exercise.

With over 70 readouts to examine, readers can practice and refine their interpretation skills and increase their understanding of heart conditions identifiable through ECG testing.

Troubleshooting tips throughout the text provide quick solutions to problems that may occur during ECG testing, and detailed information on interpreting the readout is provided for the numerous conditions that practitioners are likely to encounter in real-life practice.

It is an ideal text for students and postgraduates of sport science, physiology, physiotherapy, medicine and nursing courses.

It is also a useful reference for clinical exercise physiologists, exercise physiologists, sport physiotherapists, athletic trainers, health professionals and sports medicine specialists.

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