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Much has been made of the sporting legacy that the 2012 Games will provide, particularly the hope that it will inspire the nation to become more physically active.

The widespread coverage of the games will certainly spark public interest into a whole range of sporting activities that are normally considered mainstream in the UK but are nonetheless widely followed elsewhere in the world.

To help people experience some of these sports, a whole programme of taster sessions has been organized throughout the country and there will be something happening in most areas in the coming months.

The BBC has a “Things to Do” page on its website which lists some of the many and varied sports and activities that are planned to help the population become more active.

These range from popular sports such football, tennis and badminton to activities such as cheerleading, kayaking and tenpin bowling.

To find out what’s happening in your area visit the BBC’s Things To Do website.

If you work for an organisation in the cultural or sporting sector and would like to find out more about whether activities you run could feature on the Things To Do website visit the BBC’s Culture 24 website.

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